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Magna Doodle Magnetic Drawing Board -blue

$39.99 $25.99


Child's magnetic board is very good in that you won't get any mess.

Do you remember the mess your kids used to get up to using felt tips and crayons or chalk, took you ages to clean up let alone clean them up? Do you wish they had something like this draw and erase toy around when your children were small?

Magnetic Drawing Board is a Magna Doodle simulator,the popular magnetic drawing toy for toddlers. You can:
- Simulate the drawing with a magnetic stylus and with two magnet shapes;
- Erase the Drawing Board with the sliding eraser bar simulator.

This kids drawing board works with magnet powder under the screen, when you draw the magnet powder moves to reveal the colour underneath. When you want yo erase the picture just pull the magic slider and the picture disappears.The pen is attached by string ensuring it doesn't get lost. The screen has an abundance of different colours which come to life with the pen when written on the screen. Kids can draw pictures or write and the colours show through.


Drawing Board Dimensions - 15.75 X 13 in
Writing Surface Dimension - 10.63 X 7.09 in

Package Content

1*Doodle Board
1*Magnet Writing Pen
5*Magnetic Stamps
1*Warranty Card

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